Ingemation Ingeniería is now a CUBIC Partner

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Ingemation Ingeniería is now a CUBIC Partner

We started the month of March by becoming a partner of CUBIC, one of the largest companies in modular systems for the construction of high power electrical panels (MCCs). This is a commitment of Ingemation Ingeniería, which reinforces our premise that training, innovation and development allow us to be increasingly competitive and adapt to market needs in order to offer our customers the best solutions and products.


In Andalusia, two companies located in Seville currently offer CUBIC solutions and now, in Cadiz, we are the first and only company with the possibility of providing this type of solutions for switchboards or MCCs.


This collaboration arises from the new opportunities existing in the market and with the aim of offering our clients a personalised service, adapting the solutions to the most demanding requirements and allowing us to propose different alternatives for each need.


Our experience in industrial process automation engineering and in the design and development of Control Systems in various sectors such as renewable energies, offshore, naval, oil & gas, among others, allows us to develop integral solutions, from basic engineering to turnkey supplies. By becoming a CUBIC Partner, we expand our services, providing a more complete response to the needs of our customers for the development of turnkey systems by including this alternative in the design and construction of CCMs.